How much does a mural cost?

I get asked this question a lot!


I have put together a rough guide so if you are looking to get a mural painted, you can work out your budget.


Murals vary in cost because of a range of factors. Variations depend on scale, condition/type of wall, complexity of design, preparation required, any additional materials, travel or possible equipment hire costs.


In saying that, be aware that I can customise a mural to accommodate space AND budget through modifying the design layout. This is why I always meet with each client, on site, to see where their potential mural will sit in a space and to chat through ideas before giving out a formal quotation.

The below budget will give you a rough estimation, but please note that final quotes will vary on the factors mentioned above and the complexity of design. My murals are all hand painted using house paint for both internal and external walls.

Included in price is: site visit, design fee, wall preparation, materials, paint, travel and mural installation.


2m H x 2m W - $600 - $800

2m H  x 3m W - $900 - $1,200

2.5m H x 4m W - $1,400 - $2,200

2.5m H x 6m W - $2,800 - $4,000

Please note that the design of a mural can be modified to fit within your budget.

I am happy to negotiate fees for NFP organisations whose values I align with. 

I also work with community groups and schools to paint murals through workshop classes.


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